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Image by Ben Collins

Edgar M, 17, San Jose

I've worked with the After School Job for 8 months now.  I have saved over $10,000 in those 8 months.  My goal is to buy a car.  I enjoy working this job because it is chill, not too difficult, and I get picked up from my house and dropped off at my house.  I just have to show up and sell.

Image by Jesús Rodríguez

Marcos P, 16, Santa Clara

I started working 3 months ago and currently earn on average $400 per week.  This job is perfect for me because I enjoy talking to people and selling.  It took me a few weeks to master it and I got better and better.  I like how I get to make as much money as I want by simply selling more and more.  It is a commission based job which I love because the money you make is up to you.  The more you sell, the more money you make.  My crew manager and co workers are also really cool.

Image by Brad Neathery

Jose M, 16, San Jose

The After School Student Job really helped me become more responsible.  It was my first ever job.  I worked in the same crew as 4 of my friends so everyday did not seem like work.  I liked how we got paid weekly, which I saved, and the daily cash bonuses came through for my everyday spending money.  I recommend this job because it is flexible and fun.

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